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Grong Upper Secondary School (GVS)
GVS is a combined school which means that we offer both vocational and college preparatory classes that give university admission certification. Our school offers 9 different fields of study; college preparatory studies, sports studies, health and social studies, electrical studies, arts and crafts studies, building and construction studies, restaurant and cooking studies, service and communication studies and nature studies which also include the national studies of sport fishing as occupation and hobby.
All students are guaranteed a 3 year study in school or in combination of school and with an employer. You can get all the way to the top through university or other higher education no matter what studies you choose, if you wish to do so. The training we provide gives university admission certification or competence to go into the working life.
The school day is defined between 8.30 AM and 4 PM. Between classes there may be time for individual work. In these classes the students may sit in peace and quiet in the library or their classrooms and catch up on their work. This way homework may be somewhat reduced.
Take the time to read through our school regulations. Be aware that your absence must be kept to a minimum. Too much absence in one term may result in lack of proven achievement, and hence not sufficient for a term grade. This again may lead to the lack of a final grade in the subject. If you do not have a final grade in a subject, you will not be permitted to take the exam in this subject, and your school year has not been completed.
Follow the guidelines in our school regulations and you will feel safer in the school community.
Welcome to our school and good luck on your studies!
Torbjørn Østerås
Head teacher

Grong videregående skole

Adresse: Idrettsveien 34, 7870 Grong

Tlf: 74 17 44 44

E-post: postmottak.grongvgs@trondelagfylke.no